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Yogurt v chashkeGenesis Laboratories is a Bulgarian producer of starter cultures for milk industry. The company was founded in 1992 by leading experts in this field. The company’s headquarter as well as its scientific-production association is located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Today, yogurt’s, kefir’s, cotton cheese’s and  fermented baking milk’s commonly called ryazhenka starters are sold in many countries all around the word. Our company’s portfolio consists of a range of yogurt starter products. All of them are contain the number of viable active cells a minimum amount of which is 1 x 1010 CPU per gram. Moreover, the cultures are produced by method of freeze drying, which allows bacteria to stay alive. Genesis Yogurt starter cultures are obtained with the help of their fermentative activity possess probiotic medicinal and dietary qualities. The cultures are certified in Bulgaria by the Ministry of Health and also deposited in the National Bank for microorganisms valuable for industry. The method of their production is patent protected and was awarded repeatedly in innovation halls in Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria. The industrial qualities of Genesis yogurt starter cultures make possible the preparation of milk products with a variety of taste, flavor and consistency. Genesis yogurts strains can normalize the intestine microflora, lower the level of the serum cholesterol, release the toxins and activate the functioning of the immune system. The products with Genesis yogurt starter cultures are foods of health and long life. A growing popularity of yogurt made from viable cultures at home to make sure there are any additives added was a main reason to start business for Genesis’ partners from Ukraine and Russia. The cultures are packed in special sachets straightly in Bulgaria and then are shipped to Ukraine.  Part of this amount we ship to the USA to introduce these amazing products to the American consumers. We are looking forward to increase our business to improve our customers’ health and well being.  


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